Utram (Uttara Phalguni in Samskrutam) is the birth star (Janma Nakshtram) of Lord Ayyappa. Sabarimala Ayyappa Seva Samajam units (Ayyappa Yogams) all over the country celebrate this day every month with a special session of Ayyappa Yogam, with a puja and satsang.

Utram Puja Dates for 2024

Date Day
3-January Wednesday
30-January Tuesday
26-February Monday
25-March Monday
21-Apr Sunday
18-May Saturday
15-Jun Saturday
12-Jul Friday
8-August Thursday
4-September Wednesday
2-October Wednesday
29-October Tuesday
25-November Monday
22-December Monday

How to do Utram Puja? A typical format

Items required:

  • A photo of Lord Ayyappa
  • A Nilavilakku (traditional holy lamp), cotton wick, oil, match box
  • Agar bathi, camphor
  • Nivedyam (offering to Lord)
  • Garland for the photo, loose flowers for archana

Members of the Ayyappa Yogam gather in the house of one of the devotees or any common place by 6 PM.

Garland the photo of Lord Ayyappa.

At the designated time, senior most member of family should light the nilavilakku (auspicious lamp).

Devotees chant 18 Sarana ghosham.

Do Ashotttara Shata Nama Archana by offering flowers to the Lord. Usually the Guru Swamy does this and other devotees chant together.

Sing bhajans. Emphasis is on singing together, not solo.

One devotee delivers a short speech for about 10 to 15 min on a spiritual or contemporary topic.

Nivedyam is offered to the Lord.

Do Aarati using camphor, accompanied by loud chanting of Sarana Ghosham.

Then all members prostrate (sashtang pranam) before the Lord.

Sing Harivarasanam song.

Partaking of prasad.

In case devotees wish to conduct a more elaborate pooja, following items could be added:

Light oil lamps in 18 clay diyas

Sarana ghosham 108 times

Offer Sahasra Nama Archana instead of Ashtottara Shata Nama Archana.

Recite Dhyana sloka, then flower offerings (108 times) reciting moola mantra.

Neeranjana samarpana (a spoonful of sesame seeds are tied in a small cotton cloth, dipped in sesame oil or ghee & placed in two coconut halves and lighted)

Offerings like Aval (flattened rice, poha), malar (kurmure), various phalam (fruits) etc.

Recite Dharma Shasta Pancha Ratna Stotra (Loka Veeram Maha Poojyam)