SASS being a charitable trust does not enrol members as such. Instead, Ayyappa devotees who would like to get associated with SASS in its five fold activities i.e., Satsang, Swadhyay, Seva, Samarasta and Sangharsh register themselves as Ayyappa Sevaks in their respective place of normal residence. Ayyappa Sevaks make a one time contribution of Rs 1,000 * for enrolment. This contribution is for 10 years and is non refundable.

SASS does not discriminate Ayyappa devotees on any grounds whatsoever such as religion, caste, class, race, domicile, language, gender or political beliefs. SASS is committed to uphold and nurture larger Hindu unity encompassing all value systems that sprang from Sanatana Dharma (Universal Value System).

Devotees interested in enrolling as Ayyappa Sevaks are requested to fill and submit the below online form. Kindly fill in all particulars truthfully and accurately. After all the compulsory fields have been duly filled, click ‘submit’ button.

Your application form is then scrutinised by the respective district unit as well as the state unit. If found acceptable, you will be contacted by a SASS representative from the state / district with an application form. You may fill the form and handover the payment to SASS representative and obtain the receipt. He will also arrange to issue the identification card.

If there is no SASS unit in your area or nearby, you will receive a message from SASS by whatsapp or sms or email with further a link to complete the process and make payment online. You may make online payment thereafter. If your payment has not been completed, you may receive a payment link by email or whatsapp or SMS. Upon verification of payment, an identification card will be issued in due course. This process usually takes about a month.

SASS reserves the right to reject any request for enrollment without disclosing any reasons.

If you have any questions on enrollment, kindly send an email to or a whatsapp / sms message to +91 94004 01722.

(* contribution amount has been revised with effect from 1st April 2023)

Enrol as Ayyappa Sevak

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