What is SASS

SABARIMALA AYYAPPA SEVA SAMAJAM (SASS) is an Organization of Devotees of Lord Ayyappa worldwide. It is a registered Public Charitable Trust with Registration Number 226/2008, registered on 13th November, 2008, at Pathanamthitta in Kerala State, India and the Holy Sabarimala Temple is located in the Pathanamthitta District.

It is an organization, started in Kerala later expanded to the Southern States – Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra, now spread over to 11 States with expansion plans in all States of India and even other countries where Devotees of Lord Ayyappa are settled.

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Vision & Mission

SABARIMALA AYYAPPA SEVA SAMAJAM (SASS) was formed with the vision and mission:

  • doing all kinds of Free services – Annadanam, Medical and Stretcher facilities, Ambulance services, Blood donation camps,  Help desk etc. to the Devotees, during Mandala – Makaravilakku season of 65 days every year
  • organising Devotees of Lord Ayyappa through weekly group meetings – satsang – named “Ayyappa Yogams”, to teach Ayyappa Dharma – Sanathana Dharma and unite them with good character, discipline, piety and patriotism, to facilitate social reformation through social justice and social equality.
  • to conduct Swach Erumely and Swach Sabarimala with the services of thousands of Ayyappa Sevaks
  •  to facilitate social reformation through social justice, social equality irrespective caste, creed, tribe etc.
  • Organising major conventions called Ayyappa Sangamams,  Guruswami Sangamams and Mahila conventions, Celebrating Makara Jyothi as another deepavali, Prathishta dinam (idol installation day), Onam, Vishu, Chithira Attathirunal, Mandala Makaravilakku, Festival etc.

The Proposed Projects of SASS in Future

Ayyappa Yogam is the basic unit of SASS.

The meaning of the word ‘Yogam’ is ‘coming together’ and the word ‘Ayyappa’ is added because Lord Ayyappa Himself organised Ayyappa Yogams during his life time.

Shreedharmasastha, during the period of his incarnation (Avatar) as Ayyappa (son of Pandalam Raja), organised groups under the name ‘Yogams’, by selecting youngsters from the surrounding areas and gave them physical and mental training such as ‘Kalari’- a martial art – to prepare them for war against the demonic forces,  for the purpose of saving Good people and protecting ‘Dharma’.

Among the various Yogams, five Yogams, viz.

  1. Ambalappuzha Yogam
  2. Aalangat Yogam
  3. Muhamma Yogam
  4. Cheerappanchira Yogam and
  5. Manarkad Yogam…

were considered important, in which only the first two Yogams are still in existence.

‘Petta Thullal’ – a special type of dance (with Nadaswaram orchestra and Saranaghosham – chanting ‘swamy thinthaka thom, ayyappa thinthaka thom’)  by Ayyappas – devotees- on 12th of January every year by ‘Ambalappuzha  and Aalangat Yogams’ at Erumely, near Sabarimala, is considered continuation of the original Ayyappa Yogams started by Lord Ayyappa. Hence, we decided to call our basic unit / branch as ‘Ayyappa Yogam’.

Coming together of Ayyappa Devotees (including ladies and children) and holding a meeting or Satsangh in a particular place (temple or common place or a house) for about One hour is the essence of an Ayyappa Yogam.

In an area with a population of about 1000 persons an Ayyappa Yogam shall be formed. One Senior Guruswamy (Ayyappa Devotee who has completed several years of Sabarimala Darshan)  may be selected as ‘Yogapramukh’ – leader – to conduct the proceedings of Yogam. 3-4 Assistants also may be selected to help the Yogapramukh.

The periodicity of Ayyappa Yogam is Once in a week, any fixed convenient day, preferably Saturday, fixed time for one hour.

The photo of Lord Ayyappa to be decorated with garland made of fresh flowers. The surroundings shall be clean, made of divinity with the good smell of Joss sticks – agar bathi- and fragrant benzoingum.

The program shall be started by lighting lamp – Nilavilakku – by a Senior Guruswamy along with chanting of ‘Saranamayyappa’ – Saranaghosham – by all. There shall be singing of  Bhajans of Lord Ayyappa and other Gods also. One person may tell about Samajam, moral stories, spiritual stories, explanation about Ayyappa Dharma, Sanathana Dharma,  concept of Vrutha, Erumudi etc., importance of Cleanliness,  not only in Sabarimala, but everywhere etc. etc. for 15- 20 minutes. A brief discussion on local events, news etc. which would help or affect the society may be included. Finally, the Yogam to be concluded by Deeparadhana or Karpoorarathi with ‘Saranaghosham’ and/or ‘Harivarasanam’ chanting. Distribution of Prasadam is optional.

Ayyappa Yogam

SabarimalaAyyappaSevaSamajam (SASS), like similar other agencies and NGOs, is an active participant with commitment to serving the pilgrims

SASS has a noble vision of giving all kinds of services to the devotees reaching Sabarimala and all poor public to confirm that all of them get trouble free, peaceful darshan of Lord Ayyappa without any difficulty. Keeping this agenda in mind we have made a target of developing the main AyyappaSevaKendras (ASK), full-fledged with all facilities as detailed below. These projects will be beneficial to devotees and poor public not only during the Manadala-Makaravilakku season, but throughout the year when the Sabarimala temple is kept open for darshan for monthly pooja and special festival occasions.

Ayyappa Seva Kendram at Sabarimala Surroundings

  2. VIZHIKKITHODU (Near Erumely).
  3. NARANAMTHODU (Near Nilakkal).
  5. PAMBA.
  7. KOONAMKARA (Near Perunadu).

*for the benefits of Ayyappa Devotees in the Season and  Tribals throught the year.

  1. Erumely ASK cum Office Complex. SASS has entered into an Agreement to purchase 6 cents of land with a building at Erumely, adjacent to the famous ErumelyDharmasastha temple. The construction of the three storied building with an area of 2350 sq.ft is almost complete, which consists of 1030 sq.ft in the ground floor, 960 sq.ft in the first floor and 360 sq.ft. top floor. This building will be utilized mainly for Annadanam and it will function as an Office and also as dormitory. The Cost of purchase of the land with building is Rs.150 lacks, in which Rs.35 lacks has been paid as advance. Further for modification of the interior of the building suitable for our above mentioned services an additional expenses of Rs.35 lacks is budgeted. Thus the total Project cost of this ASK will be Rs.195 lacks including registration and tax.
  2. Vizhikkithodu ASK SASS is in possession of 42 cents of land at Vizhikkithodu, Koovappally Village, KanjirappallyTaluk (enrouteErumely – Ponkunnam road), 6 km away from Erumely. SASS propose to construct a building in this land having an approximate total plinth area of 18257 Sq.ft in G + 2 floors with provision for dining hall, kitchen, resting area, dormitory and rooms. The estimated cost for the proposal comes to Rs. 250 Lakes.
  3. Naranamthodu ASK SASS has almost finalized to purchase 43 Cents of land at Naranamthodu, near to Nilakkal, which has become the main Parking place for all vehicles of devotees (after the damage of parking area at Pampa during the flood occurred last year, 2018, Nilakkal has been made as the Vehicle Hub). As such there are no facilities available at this place and we plan to construct a double storied building, with an area of 6000 sq.ft suitable for a modern kitchen (Solar Kitchen), dining hall and resting place. The estimated cost for the proposal comes to Rs. 350 Lakes.
  4. Medical Centre at Kalaketty ASK: This Kalaketty ASK is located 17 kms from Erumely in the traditional trekking route, which is mainly used by devotees during Makaravilakku season only. However there are some people (mainly Aadivasis) living in this area permanently. Here, we possess 6 cents of land with a small building. We plan to construct a 2 storied building with an area of 4160 Sqft suitable for medical facilities and purchase required medical equipments and the same will be beneficial to devotees – during the Makaravilakku season and for the poor people (tribals) living in this area – throughout the year. The estimated cost for the proposal comes to Rs. 67 Lakes.
  5. Sannidhanam ASK: Presently, we are providing supply of medicated drinking water and stretcher service only as Travancore Dewaswom Board provides Annadanam directly. However, we have filed a case in Kerala High Court seeking permission from Dewaswom Board to provide a convenient place in Sannidhanam to conduct Annadanam for Devotees.

At Pamba, Nilakkal (near to our proposed Naranamthodu ASK), and Erumely – Free Annadanam and other Services are being provided by SASS at the places allotted by Travancore Devaswom Board and at Vizhikkithodu – at our own place. Nearly 45000 to 50000 devotees are being fed daily through these AnnadanaKendras only and the approximate expenses incurred for this is Rs.4.00 lakhs per day, which works out to Rs.240 lakhs for the whole season November 15 to January 15, viz. 60 days. The expenses to conduct these services are met from the voluntary contributions made by the members, workers, devotees and other well-wishers and philanthropists, both in cash and kind.

The Total Project Cost for the above 4 ASKs is calculated as:

1. ERUMELY ASK : Rs.195 Lakhs
3. NARANAMTHODU ASK : Rs.350 Lakhs
4. KALAKETTY ASK : Rs.  67 Lakhs
Total :         Rs.862 Lakhs.

Ayyappa Seva Kendras at State Borders

The organization plans setting up of 9 permanent AyyappaSevaKendras (ASK) at the 9 main entry points to Kerala State from neighbouring states viz. Shenkotta, Theni,  Walayar, Wayanad, Guruvayur, Kalady, Chengannur, Pandalam, and Kasaragode. These ASKs will be provided with all facilities like food, shelter, resting place, Toilets & Bath rooms, medical facilities etc. to do service to Ayyappa devotees coming from all other states. These ASKs are to be located at the vantage points, near to the main road/highways in a land measuring at least 25 cents with a building of minimum 3000 sft, suitable to provide all the above facilities. The approximate project cost for one ASK is calculated as follows:

Cost of land @Rs.2,00,000/- per cent for 25 cents : Rs.    50,00,000.00
Cost of building @Rs.1500/- per sq.feet for 3000 sq.feet :

Rs.    45, 00,000.00


Cost of furniture, fixtures, kitchen equipmentsetc : With Solar Kitchen. Dining Table  .. Rs.    10, 00,000.00
Total Project Cost for One ASK:

Rs. 1,05, 00,000.00


Project Cost for the 5 Boarder ASKs: 1,05,00,000 x 5 = Rs.  5,25,00,000.00

Approximate Cost for the above 9 Ayyappa Seva Kendras is estimated as Rs.50 crores.

Total project cost for both the 4 ASKs (Sabarimala surroundings) and 9 other main centres: Rs.60.00 crores (Approximately)

Proposed resources for above Projects.

  1. Donation from our Volunteers/AyyappaSevaks @ Rs.1000/- each from 1,50,000 persons : Rs.15.00 crores
  2. Donation from Well wishers : Rs. 15.00crores
  3. Donation from Corporates under CSR : Rs.30.00 crores

Total anticipated receipt : Rs.60.00 crores.